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Remote area installation

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Rubber Wheel Stops

Remote area installation

Traffic Calming Australia can provide a solution for your needs in the provision of infrastructure to remote and rural communities where the availability of traditional methods of road construction is not available.

Our products are easily installed by professionals with the help of local labour.

We have provided infrastructure to communities as remote as Kintore (530 km from Alice Springs), Docker River in the Northern Territory, and from Cook Town to Tasmania.

As Les Tinkler, a local resident from Kintore, wisely said “A child’s safety is just as valuable in Kintore as it is in Sydney”



"Speed Cushions, Speed Humps, Roundabouts, Separation Kerbs, Rubber Kerbs and many more Traffic Calming products tailor made to suit your needs.
Traffic Calming Australia traffic calming products are designed to reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety on our roads. Our focus is on innovation and efficiency. Check out our most recent and innovative product called the Riley Bicycle Kerb, it is exclusive to Traffic Calming Australia and it helps to ensure that cyclists are kept safe on the roads."

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