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Riley Cycle Kerb

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Riley Kerb - the ultimate traffic calming solution for safer cycling


  • 1.2m long with transition at each end
  • Rumble device in the vehicle lane to alert drivers they are crossing into a cycle lane
  • Made from yellow recycled rubber
  • Built in reflectors
  • Offers protection for cyclists
  • Contours to road surface and curves
  • There is a 3mm edge in the cycle lane to prevent the cyclist from being dislodged from their bike
  • Studies have been published documenting the benefit of the bicycle delineator

riley kerb in upper coomera

Ideally suited to:

  • Squeeze points at intersections and roundabouts
  • School zones - entry and exit points for cyclists
  • Approaches to pedestrian crossings, particularly around school zones
  • Locations where the pavement size increases or decreases
  • On cycle paths at intersections to alert cyclists they are approaching a hazard
  • Can be placed with 100mm gaps to allow for water to flow through
  • A typical installation could be 2m of Riley Kerb with a 1m gap to allow cyclists to enter and exit the cycle lane

Bicycle Race


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Traffic Calming Australia traffic calming products are designed to reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety on our roads. Our focus is on innovation and efficiency. Check out our most recent and innovative product called the Riley Bicycle Kerb, it is exclusive to Traffic Calming Australia and it helps to ensure that cyclists are kept safe on the roads."

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