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Speed Cushion

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  • 75mm high with variable widths to suit the application
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Modular design
  • Suited to emergency vehicles
  • Designed to suit your target speed limit
  • Free design and consultation
  • Cheaper than conventional methods
  • Long lasting with flexibility to remove and relocate if necessary
  • Reduce accidents with immediate results
  • Lower speeds and reduces noise
  • Ideal for bus routes
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Complies to Government Standards
  • Installation available for all locations
Check our complete range of Traffic Calming Products specially designed by our engineers to suit your needs. For more information email or give us a call.

Speed Cushion Installation

Did you know?

The first "Don't Walk"' signs were installed in New York City on 5 February 1952. Red remained the preferred color for warning signs because red elevates the blood pressure, heightening nervous tension, therefore the most likely color to attract attention. Yellow is used in signs aimed at vehicle traffic because it is the most visible color in the spectrum and can be seen from the farthest distance.


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