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Speed Humps improve road safety!

Speed Humps are a great traffic management solution to traffic control. It improves road safety and it alerts motorists to potential hazards. Traffic Calming Australia Rubber Speed Humps are cost effective and can be tailor made to suit your needs. Check our speed humps range and
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TCA Standard Plataform
This design is typically used commercially. It is well suited to forklift movements where speed is a problem. It is designed to deliver a subtle message to slow down, whilst having a greater presence on the pavement.

Maxi Hump Platform
The 50mm high Maxi Hump Platform is more suited to heavy commercial vehicle areas and is designed to deliver a strong message to offending drivers.


TCA Speed Bump
This Speed Bump is the most popular. It is best suited to car parks, shopping centres, schools and commercial properties. It is 50mm high and 350mm wide and offers a variety of applications.

Cable Hose Protector
The Cable Protector is highly visible and is constructed from recycled rubber with a simple PVC hinge for easy operation. It is ideally suited for vehicle and pedestrian safety.


Portable Speed Bump
This uniquely designed Speed Bump is a first for the industry and is designed for work zones where speeding is a serious problem. The simple roll out design is deployed in seconds and performs instantly. This design already has Queensland Government approval for use in workzones and is a must for safety in the workplace.

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Did you know?

It is estimated that, due to developments in high-speed public transport, travel time will drop to only 12 minutes per person per day by 2050. Of the world traffic volume, 35% will be by car, 20% by bus, 41% by high-speed transport, and 4% by rail.




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Traffic Calming Australia traffic calming products are designed to reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety on our roads. Our focus is on innovation and efficiency. Check out our most recent and innovative product called the Riley Bicycle Kerb, it is exclusive to Traffic Calming Australia and it helps to ensure that cyclists are kept safe on the roads."

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